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Living with uncertainty

Uncertainty is devastating where we are specialised in how to live with uncertainty for information and the technology we use to store, access, share and process that information. It need to be available for us and it need to be correct and sometimes you also need to keep if for yourself or for a small group of people. In some instances, we talk about the information we have and use, while in some instances we talk about it as cyber security or IT-security with much more emphasis on the technology we use. Eventually it is about assets necessary to achieve the objective of the organization, but it also affect our private life and how we act and interact digitally and physically.

A few words of advice

You need to sense what information that is of value, to you before you start investing heavily in security. The reason is quite simple, because you cannot protect it all. Then you also should apply as much transparency as possible, but there will always be something that you need to keep in the dark. At the bottom line, you will be required to spend to protect, but do it wisely and just don’t go for your initial thoughts or advice you have been given. It is a challenge to navigate in uncertainty.