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For lots of people IT is perceived as a question about technology and even if technology is important, it just as much about decision based upon courage and well-founded standpoints. First of all, it is about having a dialog with the organization to sense the needs that are of strategical, tactical and operational importance. The emphasis with this perspective is strengthened as an increasing number of organisations turn to digitalisation, where IT no longer is used to support administration, instead it is revenue stream and an integrated part of products and services that are provided.

Our IT expertise is about governance, strategy, management, improvements and control, something that affect internal processes but also how you interact with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

A few words of advice

To develop and discover new ways and means to take advantage of IT, you often need to evaluate everything that affects how IT can do good for the organization. The prerequisites have changed radically, where governance and responsibility need to be restructured. Because the new ways and means to use technology is new territory, it is important with rigorous cost control for both operations as for projects.