What we can do for you

Our aim is to significantly raise awareness of fraud and its consequences. We assist and advise organisations, companies and everyone else concerned

Some examples of our capability:
  • Finding and interpreting the many red flags
  • Supporting investigations in an efficient, responsible and compassionate manner
  • Analysing the root causes of incidents to identify improvement opportunities
  • Providing the skills (through practical workshops, training and other innovative devices) to turn what looks like “bad news” into an opportunity to save money (see Hibis Fraud Academy)
  • Assessing and measuring the effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of existing anti-fraud programmes
  • How we do can it for you

    Generally, we are engaged in projects or investigations with the objective to prevent and detect fraud or grain clarity of suspicion that may lead to legal actions. Some examples of how we can do it for you are:

    To assess and understand where, how and to what extent fraud is harming the organization, we are engaged for B4 projects with the objective to identify unnecessary costs, enhance reputation and build a robust company culture. The B4-project is designed with the five phases Set-up, X-ecute, Clarity, Condense and Resolve where Analytics is also included using supplier and customer master data together with supplier and customer invoices.

    With the objective to enhance knowledge and skills as well as create a common ground for the whole department to address fraud & corruption, we provide courses where for a department, like internal audit, corporate social responsibility (CSR), risk & compliance (GRC), finance or procurement. Our courses are also available for individuals who wants to learn more about how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud. These courses are interactive using films, case studies combined with regular training sections. More about the courses you can find at Hibis Fraud Academy.

    Investigation can be extensive and require significant resources, where we have a track record of solving our client’s problems efficiently and with compassion. We believe in the beauty of small investigations that win back value. It is not necessary to chase every suspicion when finding and fixing the “whys” and the “hows” resolves the problem. Of course, from time to time exceptional situations occur. When an organisation needs to prepare legal actions to recover major assets or save a business, a deep investigation may be required. We manage investigations, large or small, in a controlled way avoiding unnecessary expenditure and keeping the client involved and informed.

    All work with fraud and corruption is provided through Hibis AS (