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Fraud is not a risk, it is a reality

When we talk about fraud, our focus is on one or more individuals among management using deception to obtain unjust or illegal advantage. It is often detected by mistake or through a tip from a whistle-blower. In the current digitalized world, there is no need for it be that way, because it can be revealed using the data that reside in internal systems.

We are specialized in Analytics for fraud detection and together with Hibis AS we cover the whole lifecycle from prevention, detection, investigation and mitigation of corruption, fraud and occupational abuse.

A few words of advice

Don't panic when you realise that there is fraud in your organisation. Too often people act to show that that they have things under control, while in reality they don't. Now if you want to be one step ahead, provide awareness activities and training sessions. If you really feel that you are committed, then try to find fraud before if finds you. Finally, get ready for investigations and do it smart by avoiding investigations that tend to become too extensive and costly.