What we can do for you

We are involed in different types assignments, projects and audits with our skills in Anaalytics

Some examples of our capability:
  • Development of procedures for Analytics
  • Evaluation of business processes
  • Identify cost reductions
  • Review user accounts and access rights in networks and individual systems
  • Perform audit where efficiency and effectiveness of internal controls are assessed
  • Evaluate the procurement process to understand how efficient the use of frame agreements is
  • Analyse the value of and obsolescence of inventories
  • How we do can it for you

    Most often we are engaged in projects or audit assignments. We can also act as a resource or a coach when a new Analytics process or procedure shall be established, where we will participate fulltime or part-time on site to define, develop, implement and improve how data is ued and develop data models with related reports. Some examples of how we can do it for you are:

    The Analytics Kick-start project is an introduction in using Arbutus Analyzer that cover 2 initial days training and brainstorming. Then you get 3-6 weeks to start working on your own with Analytics and on the third day we will follow-up and discuss what has been working and what has been difficult. After the Kickstart, you will be prepared for a proper training and/or you will start using Analytics in your day-to-day job. We run several projects with this approach.

    To support a reconciliation project for suppliers, Analytics was used with the purpose to help identify suppliers for a detailed payment reconciliation of all invoices from these suppliers, where our role was a part-time resource over 4 months. Through the generation of a data model with indicators, we were able to use different scenarios that reflected the behaviour of suppliers. These indicators helped us to focus on supplier that carried the characteristics of being cost drivers or where suspected had errors.

    To improve resource utilisation for an ERP system with performance problems in peak periods with high utilization levels that put a pressure to increase server capacity over several years and with an estimate that it would continue this way. There was a need to change behaviour in regards of utilization and capacity management. Our choice in this project was to use financial management were the use of server capacity in peak period would generate a higher cost for the business unit when it came down to IT costs. To accomplish this, processing using the server were allocated to each business unit and that created an incentive to even out capacity utilization and we were able to change the trend with increasing costs.