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It is like magic but it is for real

The power of data is not just to understand what has happened, it can also make you foresee the future. With data at your fingertips you can do the magic. It involves studying past historical data to see potential trends, based upon what has happened, identify weaknesses and see opportunities. For most organisations, Analytics enable organisational change based upon knowledge to support decisions that need to be made.

A few words of advice

Analytics is more than a report that presents the output of your business processes. Analytics at its best is about building data models with a logic that can tell more about the organization than what you can spot with your eye. When we do it, it goes through the three stages: Create, Play and Visualise and it is driven by the scenarios, profiles and stories you needed to examine and know more about. Last but not least, don't think about what you can’t do, look the other way around and challenge yourself with what you want to know.